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Ministry Areas & Leaders

Here at East Point, we use a ministry system to help us organize our ministry efforts. This system is overseen by our shepherds and is organized by our ministry leaders. Most of these ministry leaders have been chosen by the church to serve as deacons. We are grateful for the servant leadership displayed by all who serve. All ministry leaders are responsible for including other church members in their ministry areas. But in order to be included, members need to volunteer for the ministries which God has equipped them to perform. Members may volunteer for service by calling the appropriate ministry leaders listed in this booklet or by filling out a East Point Member’s Ministry Form. Listed below are the areas of ministry and leaders.

Click here if you would like a PDF copy of the East Point Ministries: Areas of Service.



This ministry is responsible for the interior of the building and all the mechanical equipment involved with running the building. Volunteers can help with basic maintenance or carpentry skills, painting, basic cleaning and straightening up.
Clark Simpson: 316-258-5741 or

Communication and Computer

The purpose of the Communication Ministry is to help keep members informed about the church through email, the church website and sometimes phone calls. The Computer Ministry provides training to those who would like to run the computer during services.
Jared Johnson: 316-308-58550 or
Travis Sears: 316-680-8030 or

Community Outreach

This ministry serves various needs of our “neighbors” in the Wichita and Andover communities with the objective of also meeting their spiritual needs. There are many ways available to use the talents that the Lord has given you.


ADULT – Dave Wasserstrom: 316-993-1667 or
The goal of this ministry is to provide Bible classes that supplement personal and family studies that take place through the week. This ministry coordinates the adult curriculum and Bible class schedule for Sundays and Wednesdays.
YOUTH/FAMILY –Travis Sears 680-8030 or
This ministry is responsible for the Christian education of the teens here at East Point. Adults working in this area are welcomed to teach, attend devotionals, retreats and other youth activities. A biblical and relevant curriculum has been developed for this area and it continues to change as needs are seen in the group. The spiritual growth of our youth is the primary concern of this ministry. 
CHILDREN – Dean Foster: 316-788-7839
This ministry’s goal is to design children’s Bible classes and activities which will plant the seeds for a lifetime of Christian discipleship. Volunteers can help by serving as guides, helping with the check-in system, planning children’s events, writing and updating children’s curriculum, and maintaining the children’s area.


The purpose of this ministry is to promote and oversee fellowship events including the annual Christmas Dinner, the Single Ladies Tea, Adventure Days, along with several others. Coordinating all aspects including meal planning, organizing, advertising, setting up, decorating, and cleaning up.
Kevin Crowley: 316-733-6556 or
Richard James: 316-631-1424 or


The finance ministry seeks to use the money given by our members for the glory of God. The ministry ensures that all bills are paid on time and keeps a record of all expenses using accepted accounting practices. We count and record the contribution each Sunday and are responsible for accurate tax records and reports given to the elders and members. We work with the elders to complete the budget each year to ensure that the money given is used in the most efficient manner possible for God’s Kingdom.


This ministry is involved in maintaining the grounds surrounding the building. Areas of involvement include the grass, trees, shrubs, sprinkler system, and the Memorial Garden. We maintain the parking lot, including the signs, stripes and the cement parking blocks. In the winter we’re responsible for the snow and ice removal on the parking lots and sidewalks.

Jim Jefferies 620-968-7679 or

Jim Woods 648-5235 or


Member Needs

The purpose of this ministry is help our members should they need items repaired at their home, if they need financial counseling, visits while they are in the hospital or communion should they become home-bound. This ministry is also involved with welcoming new members and getting them involved.
Allen Warren: 316-686-4586 or 


The East Point Missions program has God breathed and inspired work for just about everyone. From loading containers and collecting school books going to Zimbabwe to the Nhowe Mission and the Nhowe Mission Christian School, or supporting one or more orphans in Zimbabwe, or in Zambia where our own Meagan Hawley cares for orphans with serious and terminal illnesses; or working on housing for the poor on the Tex-Mex border and teaching the ladies to sew; the list goes on. The hospital at Nhowe is serving 3,000 to 5,000 patients per month, and we need your financial help to keep it supplied with medicines and staffed with doctors and essential personnel to keep the hospital working. The hospital has a great reputation in Zimbabwe and is considered one of the best, if not the best. Our church of Christ chaplain is on duty daily to speak and pray for those in need and study with them. We are called to serve others and glorify God in all that we do. We take our mission work seriously and ask that you come and join us in His service.

Doug Chambers: 316-733-4833 or
Steve Lemons: 316-733-1611 or

Senior Saints

The Senior Saints ministry purpose is to care for the needs of seniors in our midst and to reach out to seniors around us. We will be helping with their physical needs by providing rides, help with work projects or tasks; their spiritual/emotional needs by visits, phone calls, prayer, etc.; we will also provide help to our senior shut-ins.
Kevin Crowley: 316-733-6556 or

Single/Single Again

Our Singles Ministry is designed to assist in the spiritual growth of those who are single, single again or widowed. Our desire is to provide a Christian social life together. This ministry provides a Christ-centered, grace-based fellowship where single adults of all ages can easily get involved in an atmosphere of acceptance, love and respect – a place where each person can feel they are a valuable and active member of the family of God.
John Langley: 316-461-3279 or


The goal of this ministry is to keep the congregational vehicles clean and maintained so that the congregation’s transportation needs can be met conveniently and safely. The leader also oversees service and repair. Volunteers are needed to help with vehicle maintenance and cleaning.
Mike Jeffery: 316-733-9432 or


The Worship Ministry is engaged in all aspects of ensuring that our worship time is a time of praise to God and an encouragement to each other. Help is needed with keeping the chair back pockets supplied with cards, greeting visitors at entrance doors, and volunteering to help with prayers, scripture, serving communion and giving the communion talk. 
Dave Wasserstrom: 316-993-1667 or

Worship Preparation

The purpose of this ministry is to insure that worship services run smoothly. Help is needed with keeping the chair back pockets supplied with cards, greeting visitors at entrance doors, filling and cleaning of the communion trays.

Buford Blythe: 316-733-1625 or  

Sam Pryor: 316-788-3865 or

Women’s Ministry

These ministries are for women and are lead by women. There are many ways
available to fellowship with other women of the congregation and to use your
talents in serving others.