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April 2017 – June 2017

Click here for the PDF of our Bible Classes Brochure.
Sunday Morning Classes
The Twelve Disciples
Teacher: Scott Hawley
Classroom 7
Jesus had about three years to mold a dozen fearful, faithless men into the pillars of a worldwide movement. Despite this brief window, time in Jesus’ presence had a transforming effect on each of them, and they would be changed by Jesus’ power. This power is alive in you and can change you too.
The “Minor” Prophets
Teacher: Michael Jones
Location: Classroom 8
Have you ever wondered why the final twelve books of the Old Testament are referred to as the “minor” prophets? It’s an unfortunate title that has caused many to believe that their message is not as “major” or important as other Old Testament prophets. However, these books are full of relevant and powerful material. As we study these twelve writings, we will discover that their concerns and issues are very similar to ours today.
Surviving Life in the Fast Lane
Teacher: Dave Wasserstrom
Location: Classroom 9
Are you stuck in overdrive? Today’s pace has a way of catching people off guard. Your schedule fills up, your family grows distant, and all of life seems to revolve around “getting things done.” You know you need to slow down and rest. But it’s difficult to change lanes when everyone else is whizzing by at breakneck speed. “Surviving Life in the Fast Lane” is a study to help you restore calmness, focus, and rest to your family life, marriage, friendships, work situations, and most importantly, your relationship with God.

Wednesday Evening Classes


An opportunity to serve others.

1st Wednesday monthly – Lake Point Singing/Fellowship from 7:15-7:50 p.m. Led by: Dave Wasserstrom & Ron Malm

2nd Wednesday monthly – Singing in classroom 8. Led by: Dave Wasserstrom & Ron Malm

3rd Wednesday monthly – World Bible School in classroom 8. Led by: Wayne and Nicole Hackler

4th Wednesday monthly – Singing in classroom 8. Led by: Dave Wasserstrom & Ron Malm 

5th Wednesday monthly – Singing in classroom 8. Led by: Dave Wasserstrom & Ron Malm 

Christian Character
Teachers: Paul McKenzie & Emerson Stewart
Location: Classroom 9
Compassion, humility, faith, perseverance. We long for the beauty of Christ to be reflected in our lives. Such character comes only as the Spirit of God transforms us through the Word of God. Let’s share in the process of becoming more of the person God wants us to become.
Celebrate Recovery
Led By: John Langley

Location: Common Grounds (Warehouse)

Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm, we have Celebrate Recovery Step Study groups for both men and women. Friday evenings at 6:30pm, we have Open Share in the Common Ground classroom. If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact John Langley at 684-3723. “A biblical & balanced program to help people overcome their hurts, habits and hang-ups.“ Rick Warren’s Introduction to the Celebrate Recovery Program.