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Bible Classes 
Sunday Morning 
Sunday Morning Bible Classes begin at 9:00am
To view the livestream class “Ephesians” click here. 
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Autopsy of a Deceased Church 
Location: Classrom 9
Led by: Michael Jones
We will be looking at various issues that have caused several churches to shut their doors through the years. By examining these trends, we will know what pitfalls to
watch out for and avoid as we seek to continually grow and bring Glory to God in
our community.
Location: Auditorium
Led by: John Langley
Two times Paul prays for the reader and at the end of his letter implores that the reader pray for him. It is a letter of encouragement to establish the heart, strengthen the faith, and to ensure that the church will not only endure but thrive throughout the centuries. Come remember together in an in-depth study of this wonderful letter.
Life Lessons from the Book of Acts
Young Adults (Whatever “young” means to you) 
Location: Classroom 8
Teachers: Travis & Kari Sears, Todd & Kristi Truitt
Christ’s Church in this World.
Wednesday Night Lite
Our next Wednesday Night Lite is December 14. We meet at 6:30pm, for a meal, devotional and 2 service project opportunities.