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What are AGAPE Groups?

We are very excited about our Agape Groups. We now have 10 groups meeting across Wichita, Andover and Derby.
The aim is for more people to be involved in this vital ministry. We currently have 173 people involved in our small groups, and we have set a goal to have 250 people involved by January 2020. We need your help to reach this goal. Here is a list of available groups and their contact information. We invite you to get involved in an Agape Group today!
 If you have questions about the AGAPE Groups, please contact:
Michael Jones:; 684-3723 (office); 316-312-0089 (cell).

AGAPE Groups & Contacts

Building Group 
Dave & Sally Hawley – 5:00pm Sunday: 316-259-7351
Andover Area
Luke & Megan Henwood – 5:30m Sunday: 316-518-7735 (geared towards families with young children)
John & Sherena Langley – 6:00pm Sunday: 316-461-3279
Dave & Karen Wasserstrom – 6:00pm Sunday: 316-993-1667
 East Wichita Area
Tony & Mercedes Hayes – 5:30pm Sunday: 316-641-1456 (geared towards families with young children)
Richard & Rachel James – 6:00pm Sunday: 316-200-5655
H.C. & Kathy Pennel – 6:00pm Sunday: 316-253-3437 
West Wichita Area
Eric & Eryn Hackler – 6:00pm Sunday: 316-650-8507  
Dave & Laila Johnson – 5:30pm Sunday:316-208-6033 
Derby Area
Michael & Tiffany Jones – 5:00pm Sunday: 316-312-0089
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