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Bible Classes 
Sunday Morning 
Sunday Morning Bible Classes begin at 9:00am
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Christian Character 
Location: Auditorium
Led by: Dave Wasserstrom
We long for the beauty of Christ to be reflected in our lives. Such character comes only as the Spirit of God transforms us through the Word of God. These Bible studies, if applied, can and will help you become the person God wants you to be.
Person of Interest ((Whatever “young” means to you) 
Location: Classroom 8
Teachers: Travis & Kari Sears, Todd & Kristi Truitt
The Young Adults class that meets on Sunday mornings in Classroom 8 will be studying the book Person of Interest, Investigate the Man Who Changed the Course of Human History by J. Warner Wallace. Wallace employs a unique investigative strategy to confirm the historicity and deity of Jesus, showing why Jesus is unlike any other person who has ever lived.
Wednesday Night Lite
Our next Wednesday Night Lite is September 28. We meet at 6:30pm, for a meal, devotional and 2 service project opportunities.