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Zimbabwe Orphans Program

We work with 29 primary and secondary schools where we also locate an area Orphan Minister who is responsible for overseeing the welfare of orphans in our program, through home visits, interaction with school authorities and after school programs. We pay school fees every term to keep our kids in school, giving them the opportunity to succeed, access to an education, spiritual instruction, provide exam fees, toiletries, text books, pens and a uniform- raising their status in the local community and demonstrating to the orphan, their peers and their community that YOU and Jesus  love this child. For some areas where malnutrition is evident we have provided supplemental feeding programs when we are able to or it is feasible. This has been; maize, beans/lentils, protein mixes and protein cookies and Mahewu and dehydrated vegetable mix from Breedlove Foods. You can feed a child for just $5 a month, or virtually any amount that you choose, just make a notation on your check. Children infected with Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS receive medical care and Anti Retro Viral drugs at the Nhowe Mission Hospital or a local medical facility nearer to their home or school or through an outreach clinic. Our Orphan Ministers teach the Word in their assigned schools, and local homes through orphan welfare visits and spread the Good News through World Bible School and other methods at their disposal. World Bible School currently has 400,000 students in Zimbabwe, out of a population estimated at around 10-11 million. Who will disciple these new babes? We have provided community and school wells that affect both orphans and the local population, giving clean water to all. Clean community water means drastically reduced spreading of disease which improves all aspects of daily life. Providing clean water allows us to talk about Living Water. Healing Hands International has assisted us with several wells at various school locations. Blankets, Toothbrushes and toothpaste, shoes and socks are also given to orphans when available. Micro loans are given to select individuals and communities to promote self sustenance: Sewing projects – creates local jobs and clothing and uniform production for the orphan program. Chicken projects, Pig projects, Community Garden Projects. 100% of every donation made to the Zimbabwe Orphans Program goes specifically to support orphans and vulnerable children and essential aspects of our program in Zimbabwe. If there is ever an excess it is simply applied to another child. All overhead costs since the beginning have been supplied by a generous missions committee, generous partner churches, and generous individuals as well personal sacrifices by volunteers. We have 190+ Individual Child Sponsors. You can be a part of this by blessing children in need through sponsoring an orphan or two. 

For more information contact: Chris Lemons at zizoucrl7@yahoo.com

 Mail Checks to:

Zimbabwe Orphans Program (ZOP)
East Point Church Of Christ
747 N. 127th St. East
Wichita, KS 67206
100% goes to orphans work!

Nhowe Mission

Despite the challenges that currently face the country of Zimbabwe, Nhowe Mission
has acted as an oasis in the midst of chaos.  With a fully-functioning hospital, high-esteemed school, orphan program, and many other ministries, Nhowe Mission is well equipped to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of those in rural Zimbabwe. Nhowe Mission is located near Macheke, Zimbabwe in the province of Mashonaland East.  We have been able to continually meet the needs of Zimbabweans by providing the highest-quality healthcare at the Nhowe Mission Brian Lemons Memorial Hospital. Students who attend the Nhowe Mission school are receiving an outstanding education and participate in both academic and teaching.  Through the Zimbabwe Orphan Program, thousands of orphans are being supported by families in the United States who wish to extend a helping hand.  Due to the generosity of people like you, these children, who would otherwise be destitute, are given the gift of hope by having their basic needs met. The situation in Zimbabwe is dire and calls for urgent intervention from individual families and humanitarian organizations around the world.  If you are interested in supporting our efforts in a country that desperately needs our assistance, please contact us.
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Orphans in Zambia

Zambia is neighbor to Zimbabwe and at one time was a part of Rhodesia with similar problems with a multitude of orphans. Our friend Meagan Hawley loving on babies in Zambia, caring for the least of these in society. She is from East Point and we are very proud of her and her dedication to being the hands and feet of Jesus. In this video she states she has lost 57 sick babies, but that does not discourage her but makes her want to do it all the more. Ask yourself…what am I doing today to make a difference in my world for Jesus? We love you and your heart. You go girl!”


Ask anyone who has been on a Tex/Mex mission trip, if they thought it was worth the time. We are sure they will tell you they wouldn’t trade that experience for anything! We mix time, travel, and singing together (not to mention, a little concrete) and we come up with a life changing recipe. If you have a desire to do some type of mission work, you should think about going on a Tex/Mex trip for church building or for putting on a Vacation Bible School. Of course if you don’t want to go just put some cash toward the project and we’ll do the rest! We are also currently involved with a group that does a Spanish based seminary. EQEB Internacional (Equidorian Seminary Studies) ¡Le invitamos cordialmente al estudio de la Palabra de Dios! Cursos Básicos: Dirigidoes a los que buscan a Dios y a los recién nacidos en la Fe. Cursos Avanzados: Para quienes tengan conocimientos elementales de las Sagradas Escrituras. ¡Estudie con nosotros por medio de Internet en nuestro sitio Web!

For more information contact: John Langley at john@epcofc.org

Carpenter Place

For over 70 years Carpenter Place (formerly Maude Carpenter Children’s Home), has been helping children in crises.  Today we are an all girl’s Home, serving young ladies 6-24 yrs old.  We are located in Wichita, KS, on 13 beautiful acres with 3 family style cottages and 8 single bedroom apartments. As a faith based agency, our goal is to provide a Christian home for girls who may be struggling with family issues, substance abuse, truancy, legal issues, broken adoptions, sexual exploitation, abandonment, homelessness, physical/emotional abuse, neglect and a host of other issues.  We provide these young ladies with the support, structure and skills to overcome their life situations.   We are a 100% private residential home which means anyone can refer a girl to us. Please contact us at 316-942-3221 with any questions you may have, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about how we are rebuilding families, restoring lives. 

World Bible School

Would you like to reach out to other countries with the good news of the Gospel? You can help reach out to thousands who are learning the Good News about Jesus through the “World English Speaking Institute.” Help find key people in the Philippines through correspondence courses.
For more information contact: Wayne Hackler at office@epcofc.org